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The Wizard Of Oz And The Dark Side Of Hollywood

EmpLemon | YouTube | 7th May 2021

Horror stories from the set of The Wizard of Oz. The Tin Man's silver face paint penetrated his lungs, nearly asphyxiating him; an on-set accident engulfed the Wicked Witch in actual flames, giving her second-degree burns, and Dorothy was forced to substitute amphetamines and aspirin for a healthy diet, leaving her permanently addicted (21m 25s, recommended start here)

How Not To Do A Vaccine PSA

Medlife Crisis | YouTube | 9th May 2021

Medical worker critiques a viral Jimmy Kimmel skit in which doctors ridicule anti-vaxxers. Includes a broader discussion of how to best counter misinformation. "Gallows humor sinks like a lead balloon on a public platform," because "when we mock people, we're unlikely to be convincing to those whose minds are made up already"(12m 53s)

To Scale: The Solar System

Wylie Overstreet | Vimeo | 15th September 2015

Classic but still mind-blowing: the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits, constructed on the vast Nevada desert by two curious friends. Each planet's orbit is represented by a light running through a cord. When a time-lapse captures them all circling together at night, the effect is truly magical (7m 06s)

How To Never Lose At Tic Tac Toe

Half as Interesting | YouTube | 30th April 2021

Tic Tact Toe is a "solved game," which means that there is only one correct move for each player on a given turn (minimax algorithms were invented to compute such answers). As a result, if you go first, it's almost impossible to lose; using a "block, corner, win" strategy, you will always defeat your opponent. Makes for a fundamentally childish game, but a fun party trick (6m 40s)

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