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Tweet, King, Photo, Light, Geese

A viral bird-tweet, a psychedelic regicide, judging photographs, Caravaggio's lighting, and the diary of a goose.

The Most Viral Tweet Of All Time

Austin McConnell | YouTube | 31st August 2020

The "tweet" being a modified version of the white-throated sparrow's call, which went "viral" by spreading across America, replacing the old tune. Why? For one, the "remix" may be easier to sing. "We haven't been documenting birdcalls long enough to come to any clear conclusions, but we might be opening the door to a whole new world of animal artistry, creativity, collaboration and originality" (7m11s)

Double King

Felix Colgrave | YouTube | 2nd April 2017

A weird, legendary animated short (42 million YouTube views and counting attest to its enduring popularity) about a regicidal maniac's quest for crowns, told through psychedelic – and sometimes disturbing – vignettes. Its surreal, meticulous framing, fluid motion and maudlin sense of humor appear to be influenced by the work of Richard Williams (9m47s)

Photography Is Nice

Trago | YouTube | 1st September 2020

Humorous critique of photography submissions. "When you pay visual homage to things, you remind us of how beautiful that thing is...This [photo of mangoes] is just you holding me by the neck and making me look at something benign. What is beautiful about the hydrophobic qualities of leaves? What is beautiful about precipitation? Show me a vision, don't just show me a thing" (6m36s)

Caravaggio: Master Of Light

Nerdwriter | YouTube | 1st September 2020

Art analysis: How Caravaggio's use of tenebrism, a lighting technique innovative for the 1600s, "stirs deep emotion in its immediacy." For example, in "The Calling of St. Matthew" (pictured below), "the harsh light coming from the upper right of the canvas, like divine illumination, points out Matthew more forcefully than Jesus does" (7m04s)

Charming Video Of The Week

The Miracle on the Hudson – from a goose's perspective

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