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The Search For D. B. Cooper

Lemmino | YouTube | 27th April 2020

Mystery doc about the unsolved D.B. Cooper case, with fantastic production values. In 1971, an anonymous man with a bomb-rigged suitcase boarded a flight from Portland to Seattle, extorted a $200,000 ransom from the airline crew, and parachuted out of the plane into the Portland forest. Even after an extensive FBI manhunt that only ended in 2016, his whereabouts remain a mystery (29m26s)

The Foster Portfolio

Danielle Katvan | Vimeo | 20th March 2020

Elegant adaptation of a Kurt Vonnegut short story in which an investment banker learns that his working-class client is hiding a million dollar fortune for perplexing reasons. Beautiful set design and lighting bring the 1950s crisply onto film, and the ending is heavenly (no spoilers here) (19m05s)

Why We Are Living In The Middle Ages

Cue 22 | YouTube | 12th May 2020

"If we were to think of the Middle Ages as a recipe, what are the ingredients that make our current times feel distinctly medieval?" One: Technology is the new witchcraft. Two: Truth and rationality are becoming passé. Three: Nation-states are being eroded. Four: A sense of impending apocalypse – Gen Z are the new millenarians (25m47s)

How Marvelman Changed Superheroes

Nerdwriter | YouTube | 27th April 2020

Marvelman has had a long and tortured existence. He went from being a British knockoff of the popular Captain Marvel ("Shazam!") to being the subject of one of Alan Moore's dark superhero masterpieces. Under Moore's pen, he was a philosophical thought experiment: what would superheroes be like in real life? As such, Marvelman "brought superheroes to the modern age" (7m54s)

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Anatomy of a rocket going into orbit

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