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Skate, Hamlet, Tintin, Pyramid, Ghost

Secret skate-parks, prison Hamlet, a Tintin deep-dive, a slow song, and a neural network.

The Skatepark On Treasure Island

Jeremy McNamara | Vimeo | 7th October 2021

Red tape threatens a secret skate park built on Treasure Island. No, not the grocery store; a "toxic, grimy no-man's-land" off the coast of San Francisco that doubles as a paradise for outcasts. A sense of exhaustion creeps in when its builders fight to get a permit: "We've tried this shit for years and years and years. I'm not the only one. Everybody's shit gets torn out" (15m 11s)

Performing Hamlet In Prison

Great Big Story | Vimeo | 31st May 2017

The prisoner playing Polonius points out that theater in jail is nothing new: "There is this certain demeanor that you have to establish, so in essence I'm acting on a day-to-day basis just to survive." Another remarks that playing Hamlet helped him process his own crimes. For a more in-depth version of a similar story, check out this free episode of This American Life (4m 00s)

The Adventures Of Tintin And The Shadows Of Giants

Breadsword | YouTube | 30th September 2021

A deep (read: deep) dive into Spielberg's unsung 2011 masterpiece The Adventures of Tintin, a film that deepens every element of the comics. The drunkenness of Hergé's Captain Haddock is played for laughs; Spielberg injects a "sadness and intense vulnerability" into the character that "has kind of always been there." Highly recommended for any Tintin fans (1h 16m 24s, recommended start here)

Radiohead's "Pyramid Song" 800% Slower

Dumaramutsi | YouTube | 12th April 2014

When you play the Radiohead's classic "Pyramid Song" 800% slower, it morphs into something entirely new: a 40-minute ambient symphony, evoking a heavenly, almost apocalyptic atmosphere that is nowhere to be found in the original song (which, for all its virtues, is pretty tame). One of the more remarkable things ever to surface on YouTube (38m 35s)

Browser Video Of The Week: Jodi Ettenberg

Jodi Ettenberg, aka Legal Nomad, was once a lawyer, then a travel & food writer. Now disabled, she writes about resilience, curiosity, and loss. In this interview, Jodi speaks candidly about the day to day of living with a disability, losing close friends along the way, and the importance of community (35m 19s)

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A neural network conjures up images LCD could only dream of inducing

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