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Rifle, Moon, Jazz, Asteroid, Stunt

A dangerous photograph, lunar myths, a jazz pioneer, asteroid mining, and Buster Keaton's work ethic.


Emma Doxiadi | Vimeo | 15th August 2020

Short film – two women accidentally photograph an automatic rifle, and become convinced they are in danger. The story is tense and insightful, told through minimalist wide shots and unsettling sound design. These stylistic choices suffocate the viewer in the chaotic world the characters find themselves in (9m19s)

The Moon - Mythology, Mystery And History

Androsif | YouTube | 19th August 2020

How did ancient cultures interpret the moon? In Post Classic Mayan culture, the waning and waxing moon were two different deities. The Ancient Japanese lunar cycle stems from a story of bloody revenge (and replaces the Man in the Moon with the Rabbit in the Moon). A history, presented through lovely moon-shaped images (12m09s)

The Man Who Invented Jazz

Polyphonic | YouTube | 13th August 2020

King Buddy Bolden, a jazz musician who has "slipped almost entirely into myth," "blew horn lines so loud and so hot that they changed the course of history." For example, by inserting an African "hambone" rhythm into a traditional march, he created the Big Four, an innovative syncopated rhythm. Buddy's story "serves as a creation myth for the genre of jazz" (18m09s)

Unlimited Resources From Space - Asteroid Mining

Kurzgesagt | YouTube | 16th August 2020

Asteroid mining is not easy. Getting to deep space is already near-impossible, but then we have to stop the asteroid from spinning and bring it into earth's orbit. To mine it, "giant mirrors focus boil out the gases, grinders break up the dry rocks...and centrifuges separate dense from light elements." If we were somehow able to do all this, we could gradually phase out mining on earth (7m55s)

Inspiring Video Of The Week

A Buster Keaton highlight reel, with Keaton himself narrating his life story and technique

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