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The Odd Number Rule

Vsauce | YouTube | 29th July 2020

The odd number rule transforms any integer into something you cannot divide by 2. The formula for it, 2n+1, is "written in the mathematical language of the universe." "It's not some kind of magical coincidence, it's just what happens when an object's velocity increases at a constant rate." An eccentric mathematical journey around a simple conclusion (22m06s)

The Artist Behind Radiohead's Album Covers

Penguin Books UK | YouTube | 18th June 2020

Interview with the artist Stanley Donwood. Full of tidbits about album cover creation. The cover of "A Moon Shaped Pool" was originally supposed to be a paint-shooting Dalek. The "OK Computer" cover arose from a "self-willed nuclear winter," and instead of erasing mistakes, he covered them up with other images ("because you can't undo in life") (9m36s)

A Phone Call From My Best Friend

Alexander Christenson | Vimeo | 25th June 2020

Uncomfortable but stimulating short. A white woman wonders, over a phone call with her friend, if she is racist because she doesn't want to date a black man. The friend's trite reassurances ("you are a good person") only prompt further anxiety. Explores the difference between active and passive immorality, a current political hot topic in the USA (13m30s)

How Reading Changes Your Brain

John Fish | YouTube 30th | July 2020

Scientists have found that reading has tangible effects on the brain. For example, it increases attention span, because it's a linear process – "there's no jumping around." Also, because the sensory neurons that fire during an activity also fire when you are thinking about that activity, reading increases empathy (9m14s)

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When Dolly Parton's classic song "Jolene" is played at a slower speed, it becomes a completely different (and arguably better) song

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