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Learning styles, platypuses, funding the Olympics, bad jokes, and old online tutorials.

The Biggest Myth In Education

Veritasium | YouTube | 9th July 2021

Most people remember being classified by "learning style" (Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, Kinesthetic, aka VARK) at some point in school. But do these classifications even mean anything? Researchers can find no evidence for the theory. "The most important thing for learning is not the way the information is presented, but what is happening inside the learner's head" (14m 26s)

Social Constructs

Philosophy Tube | YouTube | 9th July 2021

Intro to the philosophy of social constructs. Platypuses, baseball strikes, and coolness all fall under this umbrella; there are "natural properties" of a strike, for example, but the property of being a strike is a social one, conferred upon it by the umpire. "We're not just doing philosophy for the hell of it—we're tinkering with the engine of the world here" (24m 16s)

The Incredible Logistics Of The Tokyo Olympics

Wendover Productions | YouTube | 13th July 2021

"The Olympics are becoming less attractive for cities," partly because of the intensive economic investment they represent. 41,000 rooms must be booked, 5,000 cameras and microphones set up, and most strikingly, a town that can hold 16,000 people must be constructed (including a designated place of mourning!). A look at Tokyo's hosting 2020 of the Summer Games (17m 50s)

Frank's Joke

Ed Bulmer | Vimeo | 4th July 2021

Funny animated short—a man relives a cringeworthy joke he made earlier that day. "Why did I say anything? Why a joke?! They all stared at me like I murdered their cat or something! God, I'm gonna have to quit—yes, have a fresh start. I'll move to Germany and start an alpaca farm. The alpacas won't judge me! Or would they..." (6m 07s)

Odd Video Of The Week

Weirdly moving supercut of bizarro tutorials from the dawn of the Internet

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