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Liszt, KKK, Kaiju, Happiness, Hare

Learnig from Liszt's manuscripts, a forgotten war, a kidnapped filmmaker, and the meaning of life

How Studying Liszt Transformed My Understanding of Music

Nahre Sol | YouTube | 24th June 2020

Vlogging a trip to Liszt's home at Weimar, where his manuscripts, letters and piano are kept. Includes interviews with Liszt scholars. "There's so much personality in his penmanship, so you can really get an idea of his character, and his process. A lot of this is lost when you look through a freshly edited and cleaned up edition" (17m45s)

That Time The KKK Started A War

1C2 | YouTube | 23rd June 2020

In 1870, the North Carolina chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, angry about the prospect of black voting rights, was using murder and intimidation to stop black people from voting. The situation reached its tipping point when they murdered a senator and lynched a black town commissioner, prompting the governor to suspend habeus corpus and send in a small army to quell the insurrection (19m34s)

Pulgasari: The Story Of The North Korean Kaiju Movie

Cynical Justin | YouTube | 12th June 2020

"Pulgasari" is a 1985 monster flick and a classic of North Korean cinema – directed by Shin Sang-Ok, The Prince of South Korean cinema. How did that happen? The answer: North Korean dictator (and noted cinephile) Kim Jong-il kidnapped Shin and his wife, and forced them to direct movies for him. A madcap and heartbreaking story (28m21s)

What Is Happiness?

Will Schoder | YouTube | 25th June 2020

Weighing different theories of happiness. "Recent philosophers have gotten creative with their definitions of pleasure, like Derek Parfit, who defines pleasure as any mental state that is desired. Does this mean, then, that hedonism sucks emotional state theory up into its vacuum of pleasure and pain?" (46m18s)

Culinary Video Of The Week

A visual ode to a dish prepared by Massimo Bottura, the world's greatest chef

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