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Why Picasso Painted Like A Child

Ben Shares Art | YouTube | 29th May 2020

"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child." A rundown of Picasso's life — from his Blue and Rose periods to late forays into primitivism and cubism — explains. "Inspired by masks, Picasso gave [Gertrude] Stein rigid, fixed, exaggerated facial features. The figure in the painting is not beautiful, nor is she ugly...she's exactly like Stein was: uncompromising" (16m 48s)

What Happened To Crow 64?

Adam Butcher | Vimeo | 14th October 2020

In 2001, German video game designer Manfred Lorenz "disappeared", along with all the hardware and backups for his magnum opus Catastrophe Crow, a much-hyped N64 game still in development. His boat was found floating off the coast of Germany, along with a suicide note. A play-through of Crow's last surviving copy reveals hidden, terrifying truths about this mysterious game... (13m 22s)

Moving Hoop Won't Let You Miss

StuffMadeHere | YouTube | 9th September 2020

Inventing a mechanical basketball hoop that tracks your ball mid-air, making it literally impossible not to sink a shot. To get to this astonishing end product, the inventor must go through days of programming, mechanical failure, and "integration hell." An exhausting trial-and-error process — "I walked over eight miles in my own house trying to fix it" (13m 42s)

Life Below Water: The Arrival of a New Species

Hot Fuss Films | Vimeo | 5th August 2020

Morgan Freeman narrates a mini-doc about the ocean's newest species: plastic. "Although they look noticeably different from the other sea animals, they're doing their best to fit in. Some of them dance. Some of them play. They form bonds. They hunt. Some of them are even known to fall in love." Footage of this waste, delicately suspended in water and light, is strangely beautiful (2m 19s)

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A lush, abstract animated short about growing old  

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