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What Can This Unusual 1631 Portrait Reveal?

The Canvas | YouTube | 5th December 2021

At first it seems like a joke—a bearded man breastfeeding a child? In fact it's not a man, but a 52-year-old Italian woman named Magdalena Ventura. "I love this painting, not only because we can see in it today an old gender-bending portrait, but because I'm really given the impression that Jusepe de Ribera could sympathize with Magdalena" (7m 23s)

Hilarious Cryptid Hoaxes

Curious Archive | YouTube | 9th December 2021

P.T. Barnum attaches a monkey torso to a fish tail and calls it a mermaid. An amateur scientist joins a human cranium to an orangutan jawbone and tricks the scientific community into believing his "skull" proves the earliest humans came from Britain. A disgraced actor glues a toy dinosaur head to a toy submarine and photographs the "Loch Ness monster" (10m 57s)

Worker Democracy

Unlearning Economics | YouTube | 4th December 2021

Do worker co-ops, well, work? Studies recommend them, but this evidence may be misleading because it only studies those who have already opted to join co-ops (so there's a selection effect). What would happen if everyone had to join? In Mondragon, a Spanish co-op federation, "fewer workers said that they felt they were part of the firm than those at a comparable private company" (58m 23s)

The Little Soul

Barbara Rupik | Vimeo | 5th December 2021

Warning: disturbing imagery. Nothing but disturbing imagery, in fact—the stop-motion chronicle of a flesh-creature emerging from a corpse and taking a trip through a Boschian hellscape of mud, limbs and bones to find a new home. Yet somehow, like a Bosch painting, it's also beautiful, and even though the images are carefully composed, the textures are so tangible that it feels utterly real  (9m 11s)

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